MeoHub has actually started


Project MeoHub under the auspices of strong and successful company Meopta – Optika, s.r.o. organized a presentation day for the candidate companies. They had a unique opportunity to defend their export plan in front of a specialized jury. The companies present offer a competitive product; have experience with expansion outside the Czech Republic; and most of all they have the will to succeed in the dynamic US market. Five business entities with the greatest potential to succeed in the US market have the chance of getting a support.

The criteria for selecting companies are clearly defined, we created a system of qualitative and quantitative parameters that include the financial health of the company, the company’s history, experience of export to European and other markets, but also the uniqueness of the product meant for expansion, which is ultimately the the most important parameter. We also consider the quality of management, because the company which would not be represented by a good-quality manager in the US has a very low chance of success.

The total number of companies interested in the project was more than 50. We communicated with these companies, answered their questions and discussed their business strategy. The fields of interest of these companies are very wide. We can say that we covered almost everything you could think of; software, food production, smart home systems, microwave technologies, jewelry production, textile production. We invited the top 12 companies which suit the expectations of a successful exporter the best to Přerov to present themselves.

We had the honor of welcoming really important people to the evaluation committee which was our aim in order to achieve the proper evaluation of potential candidates done by experienced professionals. The members of the jury were the CEO of CzechInvest, Karel Kučera, the Chairman of AMSP, Karel Havlíček, the CEO of Meopta Group, Gerald Rausnitz, docent of Tomáš Baťa University specializing in business economics, Zuzana Tučková, financial expert of company Meopta, Alena Moore and senior director of sales and marketing of company Meopta, Pavel Šťastný.

Feedback from the jury is being processed, but by now nothing is decided yet. We will start to contact the successful candidates over the next week and we will together begin to plan their entry into the US MeoHub.

You could almost say that now the project has actually started.

What is MeoHub?

MeoHub project aims to minimize barriers to entry into the US market. Selected companies will get seat in New York (including an office for the manager), an assistance in starting a business, help with administration, assistance in obtaining visas, patent and licensing advice, legal services, mediation of business contacts and the securing of warehouse and manufacturing space and logistics facilities.