Does your company purchase from the US? Calculate your savings through MeoBridge.

MeoBridge is the second in a series of initiatives launched by Meopta that is aimed at unlocking value by encouraging trade between successful businesses in the United States and the Czech Republic. Meopta will leverage its presence and experience in Europe and the United States to drastically reduce the purchasing costs European companies face when accessing the U.S. market. Meopta’s deep understanding of purchasing, logistics and regulatory issues on both sides of the Atlantic make it an ideal partner for companies that want to streamline their purchasing and reduce costs.

We can guarantee the savings 8% on average thanks to a stable and frequently used connection between the continents in fields of purchasing and logistics.

Consolidated shipping, optimization of customs’ categorization and professional American purchasers create an interesting platform out of MeoBridge for major savings when buying components or products from the US. A great advantage is tailor-made paperwork, which enables the companies to reassign employees to other projects without raising the costs. Thanks to partnership with an American company, you can become a much more trustworthy partner for suppliers and attain better conditions.

Contact person:
David Rausnitz