We maximize the chance of your success on US market. Companies must have an unique product and be experienced in expansion on other markets. You can find more selection criteria in the application form which you need to complete and submit in order to take part in the project.

Are you a successful Czech company?
Do you have an established or unique product?
Do you want to grow your business?
Do you have expansion experience on other markets?
Do you require experienced assistance to secure market potential?

We offer you guidance on the US market.

Selection of participants

Individual projects shall be evaluated by a committee consisting of representatives of the implementing body and experts from the academic and private spheres who have experience with venture-capital funds.

Mainly the following aspects will be evaluated:

  • the product’s potential for commercial use
  • the product’s level of technological development, attractiveness and innovative
  • feasibility of the product
  • financial statements of the last three accounting periods
  • quality of the applicant’s working team
  • relevance of utilization
  • business plan quality

In order to become a participant in the project, complete and submit the application.

Application HERE

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is MeoHub?

MeoHub USA was founded to support the expansion of small and medium-sized companies to the US market. It defines the biggest expansion barriers and removes them. This project is so unique because there is a strong and successful company – Meopta – Optika, s.r.o. – in the background and its experience with successful expansion of several products to the US market can be useful to all partner companies.

How can I logon?

You can log on via online form at MeoHub website ( The application form needs to be completed in English.

Do I pay for registration in the project?

Submitting of the application form is completely free of charge.

How long does it take to log on?

It takes as much time as you need for completing the application form; however some data need to be prepared in advance (company’s financial indicators, business plan, CVs of the management team, photos or videos of your products). You will receive a confirmation email after you log in.

What are the selection criteria for the companies applying for MeoHub?

MeoHub’s aim is to select those companies that will have the greatest potential to succeed in the US market.

These are the key parameters of successful candidate:

  • The product’s potential on the market
  • The product’s level of technological development, attractiveness and innovation
  • Financial health of the company (financial statements of the last three accounting periods)
  • Quality of the applicant’s management team
  • Business plan quality

How much will it cost us?

MeoHub works on a basis of the commission from the success of your new business in the US market. We will provide you with a company headquarters, guidance and contact details for reliable suppliers for free. We will help you to protect your products, to establish a company, to ensure patents and visas for your management. You will pay for the services ordered and for presentation activities.

Do we have to send someone from our company to the USA?

The presence of English-speaking manager is very important for the success of the project. There will be an office prepared for the manager so he/she can run the expansion project from there.

What does differ MeoHub from other incubators?

MeoHub has an interest in the result of your expansion which ensures our fullest commitment. We have office and manufacturing buildings and warehouses which makes the physical headquarters of the company possible.

Is my company a good candidate?

If you have a unique product, experience with expansion outside of the Czech Republic and mainly sufficient will to succeed in the US market, you are a good candidate.

Do I need to establish a company in USA?

Establishing a company in the USA is really convenient for your expansion. First, because you are liable only up to the amount of the share capital of new company and thus will not endanger the mother company, but also because of tax optimization and easier trade administration (no international transfers). An important argument in favor of the establishment is also the fact that Americans have more confidence in American companies.

Who will evaluate the applications?

Submitted projects will be evaluated based on quantitative parameters – mainly by financial indicators – and then by qualitative indicators (uniqueness of the product, company tradition, product portfolio, quality of product management, business plan). We contacted number of prominent Czech and American experts from business field, industry organizations, government representatives and academics to assess the product’s potential on the market and other qualitative indicators requiring high expertise and experience in the business field. The jury will not be published so it would not be possible to influence it under any circumstances.

What is the selection process of choosing the right candidates?

The company interested needs to log in in order to be evaluated. You can register via online form at MeoHub website ( and submitting of the application form is completely free of charge. After the deadline for registration (January 31th 2016) the first selection of the candidates will be performed according to the quantitative parameters (financial indicators) and the candidates will be vetted in the register of debtors and by relevant financial authorities. Approximately 20 candidates which meet quantitative parameters will be forwarded to the further selection. These will be then evaluated by a professional jury and the outcome will be 5 candidates with the greatest potential to succeed in the US market.