About project


MeoHub was founded to help small and medium sized Czech businesses gain access to the US market by reducing barriers to entry and providing support as the companies expand. MeoHub grew out of the lessons learned as Meopta expanded its business to the United States. MeoHub is not a consultant, it is a partner for success. Meopta is a global manufacturer of precision optics which specializes in design, engineering and assembly of complex optical, opto-mechanical and opto-electronic systems. Meopta creates innovative solutions for the consumer and industrial and military markets. Meopta U.S.A., is a fully ISO certified state of the art manufacturing and assembly facility that is home to Meopta´s American aerospace, general defense contracting and North American sports optics divisions. Meopta company has created special system of services and prepared operational facilities for expanding companies such as offices, manufacturing space and storages facilities. Companies must have an unique product, be experienced in expansion on other markets, and have a high potential for growth.

What we can do for you

  • YorkOffice space and proximity to US market (New York and Florida)
  • Experienced business advice (consultation with your experts regarding: entity foundation, legal advice, patent registration, trading licence, visa application)
  • Comprehensive business plan support
  • High standard manufacturing facility, office and storage space
  • Experienced administration support (guidance bookkeeping, regarding and accounting)
  • Marketing support (advice regarding promotion & exhibitions in US, marketing plan consulting)
  • Assistance with logistics (supply chain support)

Why you should join

  • Business growth potential
  • New market opportunities
  • Product and profile Development
  • No up-front expenses

Why you should expand with MeoHub

  • Experience and practical knowledge of the American market
  • Continuous Information support and guidelines
  • Proven contacts and database
  • Strong business background
  • Registered office in New York

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